Through copywriting, creative consulting, public speaking, events, research and online publishing, Mavens will support any individual or initiative that aligns with our purpose. Some of our collaborators to date include Fck The Cupcakes, Assisterhood, The Aunties, 'Mums in Ads', ShEqual and Femeconomy

Our Founder and Editor, Senior Copywriter Leah Morris, has appeared in AdNews and Campaign Brief as well as on a number of podcasts. 


Mavens is 100% independent and open to paid advertising and sponsorships, or unpaid collaborations that will amplify our equality message. 

"Mavens is a terrific resource for the Australian ad industry, because no longer can any creative industry leadership say, "Oh, we really WANTED to hire brilliant women, we just couldn't find any" – they can just go straight to Mavens, hire these incredibly talented women and pay them what they're worth." 

Cindy Gallop, Former Chair, BBH