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In late 2020, Mavens conducted a study to better understand the experiences of women and minorities in the advertising and media industries. 


Of those surveyed: 

  • 45% had been bullied at work

  • 27% had been sexually harassed at work

  • 0% identified as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander 

  • 5% identified as living with a disability 


Hundreds shared their anonymous stories and suggestions to make workplaces safer and more inclusive. Since sharing these results with the public, many people have commented on the impact these statistics had in equipping them to advocate for better – at both individual and organisational levels. 

The 62-page report is free to download for unlimited use. We only request that you credit Mavens as the source. 

Special thanks to Chris Taylor and Vanessa La Delfa for donating their time to this impactful project. 

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