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Women represent 56% of creative agency employees, yet only 27% of agency leadership.* 

If diversity drives innovation, how can we move forward with statistics like these?

Not only that, the gender pay gap for creative agencies is currently 33%.* There's no reason for this disparity in 2023. It's time to change the ratio. 

We’re doing this by championing women in advertising and media. Loudly, audaciously and without shame or judgement. We talk about motherhood, the gender pay gap, sexual harassment, gender bias, representation, mentorship programs, stereotypes and any other topics that interest and affect women. We raise the visibility of women who inspire us, and publicly condemn sexism and misogyny.

Want to be part of it? 

* Communications Council Member Survey 2019

** Create Space 2021 Census Results & Report, Advertising Council Australia (ACA)

"Mavens is a terrific resource for the Australian ad industry, because no longer can any creative industry leadership say, "Oh, we really WANTED to hire brilliant women, we just couldn't find any" – they can just go straight to Mavens, hire these incredibly talented women and pay them what they're worth." 

Cindy Gallop, Former Chair, BBH

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