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Mentor Like an Auntie: Robyn Bergmann

Words by Lauren Eddy, Senior Copywriter, Bullfrog.

Introducing our next Auntie in the series 'Mentor Like an Auntie', Robyn Bergmann is Creative Director at VMLY&R and mum to two gorgeous teenagers.

Originally from South Africa, Robyn has spent over 20 years working in design and advertising and feels like she’s had success – all while fiercely protecting her work-life balance.

During her 13 years at Ogilvy Johannesburg (that’s a diamond jubilee in ad-years) Robyn was able to produce amazing work, have two kids and maintain her wellbeing, thanks to the support of her mentor and other strong women/mums in her orbit.

Because of her rich experience, Robyn has a valuable understanding of the stages that a woman goes through in her life and career, and the unique support she needs. Robyn, what do you think makes a great mentor?

  1. Being a good listener.

  2. Someone who cares deeply, and doesn’t fake it.

  3. Wise, with life experience to impart – it doesn’t matter how much, it’s all valuable.

What are your hopes for The Aunties? The creative industry can be tough on young women. I’ve reached a stage in my career where I want to give back to this wonderful business of advertising. My hope is to help make it more inclusive, diverse, and dare I say, wholesome.

Do you have any tips for new mentors, to help them have fruitful conversations? 1. Keep it informal, but make sure they have a plan after your first session. 2. Encourage them to come to you with a clear idea of their desired outcomes.

3. Aunties are here to guide, not to judge. So, be inspirational, be empowering and be supportive.

How do you think we can make our industry a more inclusive place?

"We need to have each other’s backs.We can only transform this industry and right historic wrongs by joining together to make it happen."

It starts with helping more young women stay in this business so that they can grow to become strong women affecting change in their own right.

Join the movement! Follow The Aunties on Instagram.


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