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Art & Copy: Katelyn Testa & Anais Read

Katelyn Testa is an Art Director and Anais Read is a copywriter. Together, they’re an award-winning pair of creatives with experience working on some of Australia’s best loved brands. But what Mavens loves most is the way they champion one another’s work, regardless of whether they are working on a project together or separately. From mentoring programs and AWARD School to guesting on podcasts and impressing the Gruen panel, Mavens interviewed the duo to learn about their most recent projects.

What are your respective backgrounds and how did you become creative partners?

KT: After AWARD school, my first gig was as a social media creative at Leo Burnett Melbourne. Eventually I ended up in Brisbane for a bit of a sea change. I was working with a creative partner at the time who kept talking about this brilliant, intelligent gal he was entering industry competitions with. That’s how I first heard of Anais – meeting through mutual friends meant we had a lot in common. Then we worked together at Publicis Brisbane (in separate partnerships) but we hit it off and stayed close ever since.

AR: It’s true. We always thought we would be partners, we just didn’t know when. I started out in an independent behaviour-change agency in Brisbane, living my best receptionist/creative double life. Then after winning a place in the inaugural Assisterhood mentorship program, I moved to Publicis as a copywriter like Katelyn said, where we became friends.

We stayed mates through the years, and when I heard Katelyn was partnerless in Melbourne, I thought it could be a great opportunity to change cities to be her work wife. And it was.

You’re the team behind the new ‘Bring it’ campaign for Cadbury Favourites. Tell us about the thinking behind the campaign?

KT: Favourites are a real crowd pleaser and ‘what you bring when you’re told not to bring a thing’. Our next iteration of the brand platform gave a subtle nod to the previous renowned spot, but with a new and fun twist. We wanted to show how the ‘bringer’ of the Favourites is cherished by any group, no matter the scenario. Because if you’ve had the forethought to bring Favourites, the battle is already won.

AR: This was such a fun one to shoot. Over eighty cast and crew, a remote location, stunning weather, unlimited Cadbury chocolate – and one talented nanna so full of beans, she almost didn’t need her stunt double. The thing I like about this ad is that it’s not trying to save the world, it just wants you to crack a smile. Chocolate is supposed to be fun.

Anais, your season launch for the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) has an awesome script. Tell us about your process writing ‘She got game’?

AR: Thank you! Funny thing – I actually wrote this with the help of two guys, one who was my creative director. It was a real team effort (no pun intended).

In the process, I tried to tap into the part in all of us that is held back – especially as women – not just in sport, but in life. We’re the ones who have to squash our self-doubts in order to succeed. I watched interviews of not only female basketballers, but female sportspeople and wider notable figures. Every single one of us has had to prove themselves more than any man, and I wanted to flip that into a defiant, unapologetic statement. We found a young singer-slash-slam poet called Serina O’Connor who was the perfect voice for the campaign. Her energy really brought the ad to life.

Hopefully, the end product is a hype video that gets women of all ages excited about the future of basketball and women in sport.

Katelyn, your Youngbloods pitch for ABC’s Gruen was a hit. Tell us about the project and how you came to work on it?

KT: Every year the Youngbloods committee is invited to create a ‘pitch’ ad for the last episode of Gruen. I’m part of Youngbloods VIC, so was lucky enough to help out last year.

Our task was to convince young people not to have children. We know climate change and the environment are a major concern of Millennials, so we decided to focus on the carbon footprint of raising children.

Super proud of the team behind this as it all came together on a shoe-string budget and we did a lot of the work ourselves – (not to mention I now have the experience of running a film art department!!).

About Katelyn Testa

Katelyn picked up a paintbrush and sort of never put it down. As a kid, she’d tape movies off TV, but then would be more excited to watch all the ads. Katelyn went on to open her first advertising agency in Primary School (grade 5 Earn and Learn), so it’s safe to say that she was always meant to forge a career in advertising. After completing an honours degree in Communication Design and Award School, Katelyn was snapped up by Leo Burnett – where some of her first work was awarded a Cannes Lion.

Since then Katelyn has worked at some of Australia’s best advertising agencies, all along the east coast. A true foodie at heart, Katelyn is an FMCG expert and is happiest when devouring ice cream, chocolate or burgers for ‘research’ while cracking the next big idea.

These days you can find her volunteering on the Youngbloods Committee and kicking goals at Ogilvy Melbourne.


About Anais Read

Anais is a NZ-turned-Australian copywriter who is changing behaviour for the better.

In just her sixth year in the industry, Anais has created ideas for Cadbury, Subway, WNBL, Isuzu, Suncorp, and various Government clients. She took out the B&T 30 Under 30 Grand Prix and Creative categories, adding to her growing list of international and local industry awards which include Young Glory, Cannes Future Lions, PRIA, OMA. She was also one of eight Australians selected for the London International Awards Creative LIAisons program.

Anais strongly believes in giving back. She volunteers at Youngbloods, lectures at university, and facilitates the female mentorship program Assisterhood (of which she was one of the five inaugural mentees).

Anais has lent her voice to the Junior Mafia and the Imposterous podcasts, and will be guest speaking about embracing the female gaze at Cannes in Cairns.

Her proudest work is a charity campaign which revolutionised Christmas donations – raising over $300K to help abused Australian kids.

Artwork by Katelyn Testa.


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