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Career Confessions: Kat Robinson, Miroma Project Factory

Tell us what you do in one sentence?

I manage a wildly talented group of diverse digital specialists who build things, solve puzzles and create clever digital apps, platforms and tools to fix problems.

Best day in the history of your career?

I have had some really great ‘wins’ in my career that have taken me from Singapore, London, New York and around the world again.

Some of those bigger moments would be leading and winning the tender to have the Official Melbourne Cup Trophy produced back on home soil using our top quality Australian resources. We wanted to use local trades and Australian gold after a decade of it being produced offshore. It was pretty spectacular and made better by showing those who said it could not be done.

Helping rebrand and position a software company to power a huge fundamental raise; saving a sinking fashion brand and bringing it back to a positive state in under ten months.

More recently, launching LIV, a product the team have spent two years creating, to help empower those living with dementia to stay at home independent for longer.

Looking back each year at the remarkable products the team builds, gives me a real kick. I genuinely love what I do, I am even luckier to have made some remarkable friends along the way.

Worst day in the history of your career?

Being taken advantage of when younger and losing hundreds of dollars in commissions through not knowing the legalities has made me fiercely protective of my staff. If you can't stand by a deal - don't make it.

I tend not to dwell on those days, if you did it once you can do it again, just take your joy with you.

What’s your professional motto?

Launch and learn.

You can aim to be perfect, you can continually learn, but sometimes running fast, falling over and giving it a go will not only accelerate your growth but provide you with lessons unable to be achieved in a sandbox environment.

What advice would you give your younger self, just starting out?

Stay weird, your drive will set you apart, smell the roses.

Growing up, I felt that standard channels of school and education put a lot of pressure on young people to specialise, be experts, narrow their focus and be perfect. It suits some, but there are many and different ways to learn, they all have a place in today's world.

And don’t forget to enjoy the ride – it goes faster than you think.

About Kat Robinson

Katherine Robinson is the Managing Director of Miroma Project Factory (MPF). MPF is a specialist digital development group that works extensively in the field of creating bespoke custom software in the health, wellbeing and medical space. The agency has been running for fourteen years, the last five under her guidance. Miroma Project Factory is a multi award-winning digital production and development studio that creates innovative and interactive digital products across web, mobile, social media and games platforms. Miroma Project Factory is a female-led business and was listed by Woman Love Tech as one of 11 creating an amazing workplace for their employees in 2021. Its reputation is built on delivering ground-breaking products in entertainment, broadcast and health with a deep specialisation in gamification for engagement and behavioural change.


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