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Career Confessions with Selby Staynor, Duck Soup Creative

Tell us what you do in one sentence?

I run a small digital marketing agency; Duck Soup Creative. So balancing being a content creator, art director, designer, strategist and a boss businesswoman.

Best day in the history of your career?

It’s hard to narrow down just one, my first job offered me so many wonderful opportunities. And being the lead art director on Priceline’s We’re 100% for Women in Sport campaign was definitely up there, it was my first big campaign and was awesome getting to work with all these amazing female athletes and create something that would empower and encourage future females in sport. But the best day was probably when my agency Duck Soup Creative turned one years old, it felt like all the hard work my business partner and had put in over that past year was paying off and taking the leap of faith into doing our own thing was the right move.

Worst day in the history of your career?

It’s weird now to think of this as the worst day, but probably when I was made redundant from my last agency job. We were only a couple of weeks into the pandemic and all working from home. I was told over the phone and wasn’t allowed to tell any of my team or friends at work, it was very isolating and lonely. I felt like I'd been cut off within that one minute conversation. But it turned out to be one of the best things for my mental health and creativity. I was able to build my own agency and am now thriving in a job I love.

What’s your professional motto?

There’s this thing that we say in my family, “there is no such thing as failing” as long as you try, give it a go, see it through and don’t give up - you’re not failing. You might make mistakes along the way, but as long as you keep going then you’re doing great. And I think it’s this mentality that made me believe that I could start my own business and know that it was going to be a success. Because I knew I wouldn’t stop until it was.

What advice would you give your younger self, just starting out?

Work life balance is really really important. Not just for your mental health, but also to avoid burnout. Take a time out every once in a while, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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