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Mavens Magazine Volume 1 Launches to #DemandEquality

Growing up in the Warby Ranges in Northeast Victoria, Mavens’ founder Leah Morris always looked forward to her favourite magazine releases, when she had enough pocket money to afford them. From the sealed sections of Dolly to the seemingly unattainable glamour of Vogue Australia (and later, imported copies of Vanity Fair), the glossy pages were a conduit to the zeitgeist, influencing the way the young writer viewed the role of women in culture and society. As a medium, each issue was a unique anthology, realised by the magical partnership of art and copy.

It’s why a magazine was the perfect realisation of Mavens’ gender equality message. Having already created close to 100 written interviews and editorials for, the copywriter and editor partnered with designer and art director Vanessa La Delfa to bring it to life in print.

The entire process spanned 5 months as they worked to ideate, curate and edit the 158-page magazine, re-purposing existing Mavens articles and commissioning new and exclusive content. The final magazine includes empowering interviews, thought leadership and editorials from women who work (or have worked) in Australian advertising, media, marketing and associated industries like tech and production. Designed to inspire, educate and broaden readers’ understanding of intersectionality and the importance of gender equality in these industries and beyond.

Contributors include:

  • Jasmin Bedir, Fck The Cupcakes & Innocean Australia

  • Suryabala Shenbagamurthy, Fivegrid

  • Suzie Roberts & Kim Feitelberg, VCCP Sydney

  • Amelia Micallef, Make Mate

  • Souad Saied, Hero Sydney

  • Shivani Gopal, Elladex

  • The Aunties

  • Jane Evans, The Uninvisibility Project

  • and many more.

The cover story, shot by Melissa Cowan, features industry mentoring program Assisterhood founded by Linh Diep and co-run by Polina Shilenina, Isabelle Debnam, Liz Ballentyne, Jessie Roper and Charlotte Goodsir.

The magazine was launched with an incredible speaker event on Thursday September 15 at Jishan Gardens on St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. In attendance, 100 accomplished individuals keen to help achieve gender equality in adland.

Our MC was Bec Brideson (Venus Comms), with speakers Dianne Hill (shEqual), Linh Diep (Assisterhood), Shivani Gopal (Elladex) and Jasmin Bedir (Innocean Australia). We also raised $1,127 for our charity partner Ready Set, who – through clothing and coaching – provide dignity and confidence to jobseekers in need.

Vanessa La Delfa and Leah Morris

VCCP Sydney

Anne Johnstone, Dianne Hill & Linden Deathe, shEqual

Liz Archer & Michael Tsapazi, The Edison Agency

Carly Pelham & Jasmin Bedir, Innocean Australia

Virginia Cummins, Bec Brideson & Veronica Moore

Shivani Gopal, Amelia Micallef and Leah Morris

Mavens would like to thank our incredible sponsors including shEqual, Innocean Australia, VCCP Sydney, Miroma Project Factory, Streamtime, Wynne Digital, Elladex and The Edison Agency. Our drink sponsors were Brick Lane Brewing, Pizzini Wines and Altina Drinks. We’re also grateful to Good Things, Logitech, Femme Organic, BABY Pink Gin and Fluffe for supplying gift bag goodies and prizes for our charity raffle.

Thank you also to our production partner Miss Bossy Boots, and all our incredible volunteers.

All media wall photography by Melissa Cowan, courtesy of Miss Bossy Boots

Event photography by Ha Nguyen & Corrine Teng


Editor: Leah Morris

Design Director: Vanessa La Delfa

Cover Photographer: Melissa Cowan

Cover Hair & Makeup: Narelle Hall & Jordan Hallewell

Cover Stylist: Milana De Mina

Production Partner: Miss Bossy Boots

Assistant Editors: Bert Morris & Danielle West

Print Production: IVE Group

Limited copies of Mavens Magazine are now available for purchase here.

Photo by Ha Nguyen (Art Director, Corrine Teng).

Please note: all purchases from Mavens’ online shop include $14.95 flat rate shipping and handling cost. We are a volunteer run organisation and this is the best we can offer at this time, we apologise if this prohibits your from purchasing from our store. Magazine content is also available to read free of charge via


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