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Mavens Welcomes Lauren Chibert as DEI Director

Mavens today announced the appointment of Lauren Chibert in the role of DEI Director, a partnership designed to spur new diversity targets including 40% women of colour in all our content by 2025.

With a strong background in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and events, Chibert is also a talented Client and Production Director – a skillset highly valued as we seek to scale our impact through industry partnerships and collaboration.

‘Mavens is in a growth phase where we’re seeing great opportunity to set DEI benchmarks for the advertising and media industries’, says Mavens Editor Leah Morris. ‘We want to get better at championing women and non-binary folk, but we have a lot of listening and learning to do. With Lauren onboard to lead our DEI strategy and framework, we’re creating a roadmap to become better advocates in the content space’.

As a Jewish Black woman, Chibert always had a passion for social equality and fairness. A few years into her career, she learned the relevant vocabulary that would bring her passion into the corporate space – diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since curating her first DEI event and hearing firsthand the impact it had on its audience, she was hooked.

Says Chibert: ‘I've admired the work of Mavens for some time now and I'm thrilled to be a part of their growth. Our industry has so far to go when it comes to DEI, but with organisations like Mavens I'm hopeful for change.’

Whilst at DoorDash Australia, Chibert led over 600 members globally in the Black@DoorDash ERG, and single-handedly founded Women of DoorDash Australia. Now, she continues to consult businesses that are well-intended with the 'why', but need support with the 'how' when it comes to DEI.

‘I know firsthand the power of representation; if you can't see it, it's that much harder to be it,’ says Chibert. ‘I'm so excited to partner with Mavens to continue telling the stories of our industry’s underrepresented talent.’

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