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Mentor Like an Auntie: Sarah Raine

Words by Lauren Eddy, Senior Copywriter, Bullfrog.

Growing up on an NZ dairy farm, then studying geography and environmental studies in Leeds, Sarah Raine is not your average ad woman.

Rising through the account service ranks at Publicis Mojo and FCB Auckland, then CHEP Melbourne, Rainey is a natural leader with a passion for work that’s entertaining, distinctive and effective. She’s worked on a range of social change, health, brand and retail clients, helping to produce tonnes of creative, effective and award-winning work. As Client Partner at CHEP, she was part of the leadership team who ushered in the most successful era in the agency’s history.

And in 2021, Rainey added two new roles to her CV: General Manager at Bullfrog, and Mum. (and Auntie, so three!) Why are mentors important to you? I’m a firm believer that you should have a handful of mentors you call on in your life and career.

The best mentoring advice I’ve had occurs in one of two ways: either validating my instinct, or providing a counter viewpoint.

What have you learned from your mentors?

  1. Remove initial emotions from your reactions – plenty of time to vent later on.

  2. Walk the floors of the businesses you’re working on – great tip for account service!

  3. Always have an opinion – and if you don’t, keep asking questions until you do.

What are three things every new mentor should know? 1. Agree on the arrangement. Set each other’s expectations on how how it will work – how will they get the best from you? How much are you willing to push them?

2. Be honest.This includes letting them know if it’s not working.

3. Be prepared. I come to my mentors with specific problems, situations and opinions – so being prepared is important, and shows you value their time.

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