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New Campaign Examines Gender Equality as ‘Our Final Frontier’

The World Economic Forum currently predicts it will take 135.6 years to close the global gender gap, and a new UN Women campaign from The Monkeys (part of Accenture Song) is calling on Australians to examine the timeline for gender equality as we trail in this urgent battle.

“Equality: Our Final Frontier”, is an eerie, animated film that shows a woman leaving a protest march in 2022 and walking through a future that changes in every area except gender equality. The film was directed by award-winning motion design director Jonny Kofoed from film collective Assembly, who used AI animation techniques to transform live action footage into animation, placing a real woman into an otherworldly, imagined future. Kofoed used existing and emerging technology, as well as real projections, to visualise the incredible milestones humans are currently expected to reach before gender equality.

Behind The Monkeys' campaign is a raft of talented creatives including Copywriter Elizabeth Wood, Art Directors Katie Kidd and Aicha Wijland, Executive Creative Director Barbara Humphries and Group Chief Creative Officer Tara Ford. Beth O’Brien is Head of Innovation.

Says Copywriter Elizabeth Wood: “We're only playing a small part here in making people think about our future and our progress, but every small part adds up. Everything you can do, can do good.”

Says Belinda Drew, Chief Client Officer: “On a global scale we have tragically seen recently that decades of progress for women can be undone overnight. This campaign was created to help UN Women Australia achieve progress now, not in the distant future. Having worked with Lizzie and Katie on the first campaign for UN Women Australia #WhenWillSheBeRight it builds on the momentum we started, asking Australians to question just WHEN she will be right. The creative beautifully captures just how absurd it is that at this rate, we will have a colony on the moon before women have gender equality here on Earth.“

UN Women Australia is calling to change this timeline and ensure that amidst all this progress for humankind, we are not leaving gender equality behind. Australians are urged to act now at

Campaign Credits:

Client: UN Women Australia

CEO: Simone Clarke

Advisor: Sunita Gloster

Creative Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

Group CEO and Co-Founder: Mark Green

Group Chief Creative Officer: Tara Ford

Group Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder: Scott Nowell

Managing Director: Matt Michael

Chief Client Officer: Belinda Drew

Executive Creative Director: Barbara Humphries

Head of Innovation: Beth O’Brien

Copywriter: Lizzie Wood

Art Director: Katie Kidd, Aicha Wijland

Business Director: Lisa Zimpel

Senior Business Manager: Isabella Chidson

Planning Director: Charlotte Marshall

Social Strategist: Charlotte Goodsir

Head of Production: Penny Brown

Senior Producer: Kaija Wall

Producer: Cathryn Cooper

Executive Digital Producer: Tamara Wohl

Designer OOH & Social: Eva Godney, Mel Watson & Eimear Moroney

Creative Solutions Lead: Emma Moore

Production Company: FINCH

Director: Assembly, Jonny Kofoed

Executive Producer: Assembly, Jane Oak

Managing Director: Corey Esse

Executive Producer: Loren Bradley

Producer: Duncan Bernard

Music: Rumble Studios

Composer: Adam Moses

Music EP: Michael Gie

Sound Design: Massive Music

EP/MP: Kat Aquilla

Sound Engineer: Abby Sie & Simon Kane

Media Agency: UM

PR Agency: Edelman


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